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Get Involved

Group 2-4

We are always happy to hear from anyone with an enquiry or a fundraising idea!
Details of how to contact us can be found on our contact page.

If you wish to donate online, you can do so safely by using the donate button at the top of this page.

If you would like to partake in a sponsored event for us, you can create a sponsor page here.

To see a list of current and upcoming sponsored events and fundraisers you could take part in please see our events page.

If you would like to register to remember us while you shop please click here. It doesn't cost you anything - just a few minutes of your time and 1000's of retailers will donate to us as you spend!

If you would like to donate any items for us to sell on our charity eBay page, please contact us to find out how to do so.

If you are interested in volunteering at the summer camp, please see our Summer Camp Project page.

Alternatively if you would like to support the summer camp you can donate online directly for this cause here.

From everyone here at the Five C's Team, we are so grateful for your on-going support.

Thank You.