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Cocktail Party
Cocktail party 2011

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To celebrate the change in the Five Cs team in the autumn, we held our first fundraiser in December - a cocktail party! It was a huge success, raising £900 profit! Massive thanks to all our members for their amazing support and thanks to all that came too!

Change in the Five C's Team

As of September this year, at the Annual General Meeting, the Five Cs was handed over by founding chairperson Kay Hailes to the new hands of Bethan Powell (Chairperson) and Zachary Thomas (Co Chairperson). At this AGM Dafydd Gape and Laura Phelan were voted in as trustees.

Summer 2011
Summer camp 2011

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We provided 14 volunteers throughout July and August, a combination of local 6th form students and past volunteers. The students were both child care and maintenance volunteers to help run the Summer Camp and keep it looking fantastic!

The child care volunteers succeeded once again in maintaining the level of care and fun filled activities that the children have come to expect from the international volunteer team. The maintenance volunteers exceeded expectations of the hospice staff by repainting the entire front wall as well as preserving all the wooden buildings and adding even more colour to the vibrant interior of the camp, it really looks amazing!

As the Belarusian Children’s Hospice grows this year we are also taking a new direction within the Five Cs, we have appointed a new team, that are just as dedicated in supporting the hospice and all its programmes throughout the year, especially in providing volunteers for the Summer camp. We are hoping the project will develop, offering more and more students the opportunity to experience the wonderful people of Belarus and gain hands on experience of working with the children of the Belarusian Children’s Hospice.