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Upcoming Events

Open Afternoon for Summer Volunteering Programme
Summer Camp Project

For anyone interested in volunteering at the Summer Camp this summer, the whole process starts Saturday 21st January at St Thomas Church Hall, Cardiff between 5.30 and 7pm. No obligation and very informal, but if you are interested but cannot make this afternoon, please email on with name, DOB, school or workplace and an email address for us to use, by Sunday 22nd January. Please contact us for any further information or with any questions!

The Five Cs does 5 C's

A group of volunteers are currently planning a 3 day sponsored bike ride for 2017, passing through 5 places starting with the letter C. If you are interested in joining us and raising funds for the charity then please get in touch via email on or use our contact form.

Please watch here closely as details develop, alternatively anyone that would like to join our team taking part in the Wales Velothon in May 2016, please get in touch!